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Help with Problems:
If you experience trouble on a Spider Graphics' website, or trouble in using a Spider Graphics' application, please contact us by email, fax (+1 607 275 0006), or telephone (+1 607 275 3300); or try the troubleshooting methods below.

E-mail Application Setup
For instructions on setting up your E-mail application, follow the appropriate link below:

  • Microsoft Outlook 2000/2003
  • Microsoft Outlook Express
  • Eudora
  • Netscape Communicator
  • Statistics Reports for Client Websites:
    Statistics reports showing action on websites are updated daily. The statistics file from the previous months is deleted. Clients may save statistics reports on their local computers. Statistics may be saved on the Spider server, but there is a $0.50 per megabyte charge. A small website might have a one megabyte statistics file each month. Large websites and websites with thousands of hits per month could have files as large as eight to ten megabytes. Please call Don Ellis is you would like helpwith al of this.

    Access to statistics pages is limited by a user name and pass word routine. If you need help with access please contact Spider Graphics. Help with statistics interpretation is also available, it's free. Considerable help with statistics pages is printed at the end of each file.

    Troubleshooting Website Problems:
    At Spider Graphics we know the miserable truth, computers do occasionally fail, or hiccup, but most mistakes are humans-related. As strange as it sounds, even Spiders are human. Maybe we messed it up.

    If any feature of your website was previously working and is now not working just blame a human. The Spiders maintain more than 250 websites. There are whole weeks when not one thing goes wrong. If something is broken, we probably broke it. The other possibilities are that those of you who have edit access to you own websites broke it, or that the person who reported the problem to you is just tired, confused, and cranky. More that half of reports turn out to be the confused, tired, and cranky type.

    Don't let that tidbit stop you from reporting problems. We want to know about them and will check each one.

    Customer Support We need your cooperation to do it well. Please make careful notes:

    • When did it happened - exactly?
    • What was done immediately before it happened?
    • What type of computer and operating system was in use?
    • Did you recover?
    • How many tries did it take?
    • What was the recovery process like?
    • Is this problem even vaguely like anything else that goes wrong, or kinda goes wrong?

    My website does not appear when the URL (address) is entered.
    Please check the following before you contact us:

    • Are you using a bookmark, favorite, or shortcut to call the website? Check to make sure it has not been altered by your colleague, spouse, or cat. Is it current?
    • Can you see other websites? Such as this one (some clients print these notes)?
    • Can you see some distant websites such as www.whitehouse.gov or www.yahoo.com?

    Some of the images on my website show, but others do not:
    This problem is nearly always caused by a lack of RAM (memory) on your computer. You may need to quit a couple unneeded applications or allocate more memory to the browser. If this sounds like gloppily-goop, just telephone us. We are always glad to hear from you and will try to help over the phone, or direct you to other help.

    Stat Reports
    Being Found
    Trouble shooting Website Problems

    Helpful Downloads:

    Get Firefox!

    LiveMeeting Installer

    Internet Explorer for the Mac

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