Spider Graphics spiderSCG specializes in website design and database integrations. Button: HomeButton: Pay OnlineButton: Customer SupportButton: Contact Spider SCG specializes in website design and online maintenance tools.
SCG specializes in website design, database integrations and online maintenance tools.
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Spider creates brochure websites and business applications for commercial and education clients. Both use the amazing new Internet technologies to give clients
Knowledge, Efficiency,and Reach.

Most Spider brochure websites are database served, many are e-commerce websites, but there are also research archives, communication websites for professional organizations, and just simple, but very good, websites for small business and tourism. Most Spider websites may be edited by clients with their own web browsers using our content management system, special software is not needed.

See graphics by Spider in the portfolio.

Spider's browser-based business applications are used: Button: Testimonials
  • in a laboratory to automate everything from customer orders to diagnostic records
  • in a winery to offer a superior range of order combinations
  • to present searchable archives
  • to systematize request, approval, and tracking of vacation and leave actions
  • in digital imaging to allow customers to track their own orders
  • in shipping and storage to schedule goods and staff
  • in a college to enable physical inventory by the persons in hundreds of rooms who actually hold the inventory
  • to easily edit brochure websites of many kinds
  • and much, much more

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Our Capabilities Statement, (PDF file).

Spider Graphics supports Public Broadcasting, WEOS and WSKG.

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Spider Graphics Corporation®
410 East Upland Road · Ithaca, New York 14850
Phone: 607 275 3300 · Fax: 607 275 0006 · Email: spider@spidergraphics.com

Website Software, Design and Content Management System

Spider Graphics Corporation located in Ithaca, New York is led by a staff of graphic designers and programmers. Our teams share the excitement of working for discriminating clients who value quality and innovation. Our focus is on effective communication with a client base of more than 200 organizations and an overall experience involving more than 600 websites and browser-interfaced applications.

We have completed more than six hundred website design and programming projects. Our website planning, design, content management system and consulting services benefit from this wide experience.

You may find thousands of offers to have your Website built by a computer programmer, a marketing professional, or a graphic designer. At Spider Graphics Corporation your page would be designed by a group of all three. They share decisions and are truly teams. They would be joined in your work by artists, communication specialists, and visionaries of several bents, all of whom all work together every day.

We will enthusiastically meet part or all of your Internet needs. Many of our clients have websites other than the ones we work on. Several have their own Webmasters, and we are proud to say that our clients include professional marketing firms, graphic designers, software developers, and departments and schools at large universities.

Client Relations:
We think of our clients as long-term partners in the Web experience. Our substantial Internet experience passes to clients though special participatory design techniques, through passworded newsletters and other continuing support services.

Spider Graphics offers the following website products for installation on your server or served from one of our servers. Details and pricing are available from Don Ellis.

Spider Content Management System - Content Manager
Developed continuously since mid-1997, in use for more than one hundred websites, and used campus-wide at two colleges, the Spider Content Management System includes a HTML/WYSIWYG content editor, multiple options for labeling and indexing Internet resources, and many standard upload and download tools.

Marketing Database
A powerful online marketing list builder that can automatically link with and collect data from many sources AND a powerful marketing record sorter and selector with automatic and manual e-mail sending capabilities. As with all Spider products, all necessary editing and system management functions are in the package.

Shopping Cart
In use since 1996 and improved several times per year, this package contains a fully capable and up-to-date sales system that can be added to any existing online catalog with options for secure payment and options for integration with point-of-sale systems. As with all Spider products, all necessary editing and system management functions are in the package.

Spider Graphics links to its many clients for your convenience: Lama Real Estate Lama Insurance