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JUNE 14, 2004
CONTACT: Don Ellis, 607 275 3300
EMAIL: don.ellis@spidergraphics.com
WEBSITE: www.neipmc.org

North Carolina State University and the University of Illinois purchase Spider product

Spider Graphics Corporation, announces sales of three custom editions of specialized research database software to North Carolina State University, the University of Illinois, and the Department of Agriculture's National IPM Center. The software accesses a national network of specialized agricultural databases to present online information about Integrated Pest Control for farmers, Cooperative Extension agents, academics, manufacturers, and research scientists.

Integrated pest management (IPM) is socially acceptable, environmentally responsible and economically practical crop protection.

The prototype for these sales is a database system developed for the Northeastern IPM Center at Cornell University's Geneva Experimental Station. This just-released website celebrates Internet technology by linking several remote databases behind a single website. Data for this website are maintained and updated at several different universities. New knowledge, technology and terms appear in the Northeast IPM website without specific human intervention.

Spider Graphics Corporation has developed high-end online applications for Upstate New York colleges and universities since the mid-nineties. The IPM website is the latest in a series of research websites that include subjects as diverse as gerontology and invasive aquatic plants.

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MAY 14, 2003
CONTACT: Don Ellis, 607 275 3300
EMAIL: don.ellis@spidergraphics.com
WEBSITE: www.wagnervineyards.com

New Website Design Released

At lunch on the deck of the Ginny Lee Restaurant, Lodi, New York, Debbie Wagner of Wagner Vineyards cut the virtual ribbon and opened entirely new websites for Wagner Vineyards, Wagner Brewing Company, and the Ginny Lee Restaurant. This data-based website design project was launched with extensive planning and much work with developers through the winter.

These e-commerce website designs are very photographic showing Wagner's spectacular views, the inside of the Restaurant, and the tourists enjoying Wagner events. Debbie made several comments about new photo and text editing tools functioning behind the websites, allowing quick in-house updates to menus, price lists, and photo presentations.

Wine and beer can be purchased online and automatically shipped to much of the US. Online sales go directly into Wagner's point-of-sale system for shipping and inventory control.

Web visitors may sign up for e-mail notices about special news and events, new releases, and special offers for e-club members.

Spider Graphics Corporation, Ithaca, New York, Wagner's website design service since 1995, led the planning, and then developed the graphics and database integration. An extension to include online sales from the Wagner gift shop is planned ahead of the holidays.

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JUNE 16, 2003
CONTACT: Don Ellis, 607 275 3300
EMAIL: don.ellis@spidergraphics.com
WEBSITE: www.spidergraphics.com

Spider Graphics Corporation is pleased to announce that its own website has arrived in the first ten returns for Google searches when searching:

"website design ithaca"
"website design finger lakes"

And, get this,

"website design new york"

Spider is able to hold this excellent search return placement by designing websites of the type Google prefers while still making websites that match the graphics standards seen at today's leading websites. Google prefers websites that are primarily text, not graphics, but Spider Graphics own website and most of its recent client websites are heavily graphical.

Spider Graphics has won against the fiercest competitors, the other Internet specialists. Most of these competitors sell search return improvement services, as Spider Graphics does.

Google now serves 55% of Internet searches under its own name and serves nearly another 20% under other labels.

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OCTOBER 7, 2002
CONTACT: Don Ellis, 607 275 3300
WEBSITE: www.spidergraphics.com

Spider Graphics Corporation of Ithaca, a developer of business solutions for commerce and education, is pleased to announce the second in a series of informational seminars.

The two-hour seminar will focus on recent trends and projects for data management in university departments. Linda S. Folley, Ph.D. and Don Ellis, CEO, from Spider Graphics Corporation will briefly show a half dozen applications now in daily use and will then focus on a recent project based in an extensive integration of a department's administrative data.

The seminar is open to Cornell University administrators, and others by invitation. Please contact Don Ellis, 607 275 3300.

November 7, 2002 from 9:00 to 11:30
The Amphitheater Room
Statler Hotel at Cornell University
Ithaca, New York

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DECEMBER 3, 2001
CONTACT: Don Ellis, 607 275 3300
WEBSITE: www.spidergraphics.com

Spider Graphics Corporation shares the prestigious Gold Circle Award for its participation in the Redesign of the Tompkins County Chamber of Commerce website. It is the top award in its category in a national competition sponsored by the American Society of Association Executives, recognizing excellence and innovation in all facets of association management. Runners Up include the National Nutritional Foods Associations, and the Jacksonville Chamber of Commerce. The Wisconsin Alumni Association took top prize in the category "Websites Budgeted over $2,000,000".

The website was produced by a dozen members of the Chamber who put aside what is sometimes nose-to-nose competition for an opportunity to know each other better and to support their shared interests in the Chamber. Spider Graphics Corporation contributed technical consulting, and shared design leadership and production.

In creating nearly 600 hundred websites over the last seven years Spider Graphics Corporation frequently collaborates with design firms and works closely with a client's in-house marketing and public relations groups. The Chamber project was an exceptional collaboration. Spider Graphics Corporation is grateful for the comraderie and thrilled by the resultant acclaim.

CEO, Don Ellis, says, "Spider Graphics has generally shunned design competitions because there are so many and because so few of them place judging design quality as their primary mission. Website design is a new genre, but for the most part it can and should be judged by the same criteria used in judging print graphics or traditional multi-media products. Websites should carry the larger messages of the organizations they represent. The page-by-page emphasis should be on communication and not on the website itself."

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