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Our online marketing database is called "DataWho", and it gives our Clients multiple ways to easily collect information about customers and prospects. More importantly, it provides efficient customer relationship communications via reporting and email tools. 
We've been building powerful online tools for over ten years, including custom versions of this online marketing service that have been used by business and education clients.  The services are now economically packaged for use by any organization with a website.
The System:

First: Spider offers a comprehensive set of Collection Tools that can be embedded in any website. Data entered by visitors or staff are stored in a private online database. Staff may securely login to view. sort, and edit the data.

Second: Spider offers a powerful set of Report Tools for working with the visitor data. Subscribers may download strings of email addresses to paste into mailings, or grab online tables of visitor data for offline desktop use.

Third: Subscribers have a powerful Bulk Mailer for sending multiple emails, rather than downloading and using desktop tools. When operating in this compliant mode an "opt-out" response is automatically noted in the database.

Fourth: Email management has never been easier. The Records Manager shows the result of each email event. Staff see bounces and opt-outs in a layout for quick editing and handling. Mark them for further research. Delete them. Change keywords to place customers into other mailings.

Fifth: Spider provides Compliant Email handling that meets the demands of the CANSPAM law while still making the best use of friendly emailing techniques. The system sends Automatic Email and Manual Email. Visitors may get automatic email notice of events, sales, or the publication of a book in their favorite category.
Spider's Approach:

The Collection Tools can be inserted into any website, whether on a Spider server or not. Spider clients can do it themselves using the Spider Content Manager; others will need to know the basics of HTML editing, or in every case, a Spider could do the setup for you. Just call or email us.
Customer Data Can Be Captured From: 
  • Online Guest Book
  • Online Orders
  • Email List Signup Form
  • Newsletter Signup Form
  • Kiosk Data Entry (Optional)    
  • Point of Sale Data Entry (Optional)
  • Online Coupon Dispenser
  • "Notify-Me-When"
  • Online Survey Form
  • Contact Page
Bulk Emailer and Record Manager
Spider's Bulk Emailer and Record Manager give you the ability to send CANSPAM-compliant email. Send it in a friendly way. Automatically respond to opt-out requests. See a report after each mailing for handling bounces and reviewing opt-outs.
  • Edit the database of customers
  • Sort and select groupings based on a variety of criteria
  • Download an Email Address Paste-in
  • Download a complete data table for use in another application such as Excel
  • Bulk Email Sender
  • Online Records Manager
  • Mail-merge   
These tools are offered in final form online by subscription. However, customization is available if required, and of course, there is the great Spider training and support.
Data captured online can be used for an effective and focused email marketing campaign. Additional customer records may be uploaded to the website to take advantage of the Bulk Emailer.

Newsletter and Email Editor

  • A set of e-newsletter templates
  • A set of e-mail templates
  • An online editor for the templates with an uploader for placing indexed documents online

A Network-friendly Email Sender

  • A batch sender for customer lists which have been selected
  • A control panel for settings recurring sendings by templates and lists
  • A control panel for settings individual customer sendings, birthday cards, etc.
In its ideal form and operation the OMD collects customer data from customer actions and puts it directly in the database. Customers indicate preferences and give other actionable information. The system automatically sends an email to the customer when new products of interest are added to the catalog.
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