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Internet Marketing encompasses activities such as
  • Embracing the Internet as a key element in your top-level strategic business planning
  • Designing a website in ways that are attractive to your target market
  • Using spam-compliant e-mail to enhance customer relations, promote products/services, offer coupons and other sales incentives, etc.
  • Optimizing a website to achieve high search-engine placement
  • Promoting and incorporating your web presence into every other customer-visible aspect of your business
Our role in your Internet Marketing strategy is to provide consulting, planning, and implementation for your website.  We work with you to:
  • Choose an effective domain name and manage its use
  • Understand your target market and design web resources that best serve it
  • Create a consistent corporate image  - the same look and feel for web, print, email, etc.
  • Create electronic newsletters, email campaigns, and related marketing efforts
  • Optimize your web site for cataloging by search engines such as Google

There are many specific techniques and tools that we can bring to a well-orchestrated  Internet Marketing effort -- contact us to explore the ones that are right for you.  Here is one example:

Lead Generation and Customer Relationship Management - Our DataWho module records information about your customers and prospects from a variety of sources. It can include both contact and transaction data, and it provides dozens of ways to categorize, sort, and search. You can send merged email or printed letters to the contacts you select, and get reports on the resulting activity.  The email tools are CAN-SPAM compliant, and enable you to easily handle opt-outs and bounces.
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